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The Benefits of Working With a Professional on Your Next Renovation Project

DIY or hire a professional? With so many options out there, which should you choose? Maybe it’s time you discover the benefits of working with a professional contractor. Isn’t it time to get a design and the function you will love.

Imagine you want to renovate your kitchen. You make a plan on paper or software that you found on the web. Planning your project gradually, bit by bit. There are many things that you could do on your own: repaint the kitchen, install a backsplash, maybe even redo all the ceramic in the kitchen!

However you’ll need to consider:

  • Type of materials for new cabinets & countertops
  • Layout options for your new kitchen
  • The development of a detailed plan to provide the supplier you choose to manufacture your cabinets
  • Location of the appliances
  • Color selection for walls, cabinets, countertops, backsplash
  • The finish of the sink, faucet and handles: brushed nickel or chrome?

And we haven’t even mentioned the list of options you have for accessories to match your kitchen! And that’s just the beginning! So, are you still up for planning, managing and completing your own renovations project?

Enter the Professional

We’ve grouped the main benefits of working with a professional on your next renovation project. Here is what you get when you work with a pro on your next kitchen, bathroom, basement, or home addition project.

Listening to and analyzing your needs: Doing business with a pro means more of your ideas get captured and taken into account in the final design.

A designer can capture your lifestyle and day-to-day use of your space. If you cook a lot and you often try new recipes, you will inevitably use many cookbooks and equipment. Your designer will plan several storage areas and will propose the necessary accessories for storage and ease of access to the items you use regularly.

You’ll get the benefit of plenty of ideas, plus a sounding board to see if your ideas will work in your new space. When you deal with a pro, you’ll know this is not his first project. A pro has a head full of ideas and the experience to know how and when to use them.

A pro will guide you and inspire you. A pro’s experience will also allow him to help you visualize your project in realistic terms and timelines. They’ll help you dream of something feasible and doable.

Get multiple designs, styles, and options to choose from.  Every project has one or more design challenge to overcome. A pro will help you get it right without taking shortcuts that could compromise your family’s safety or violate building codes.

You’ll see further into the future and see the project as a whole. When you take on a renovation project, you probably try to imagine your new room. Your designer sees your room from a different perspective (ha ha – see what we did there?); they will be able to offer you two or even three different configurations of your room.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can rest easy. It’s all in the details. It’s the job of the designer, project manager and your contractor to think about all the little details. When you’re our customer, your role is to state your needs and desires. Then we do the rest!

Doing business with a pro means resting easy and feeling secure that the project will be done right, done on schedule, on budget, according to code, and done to your liking.

Contact the experts at Perspective Renovations for all your interior and exterior renovation projects! Book an appointment today!

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