Windows and Doors

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  • September 7, 2017
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Project Description

Looking for a windows and doors contractor in Ottawa? Look no further!

Perspective Renovations in Ottawa will replace all exterior and interior windows and doors, provide efficient, durable and expert recommendations and installations.

We also oversee disposal and removal, electrical, structural, plumbing, tiling and drywalling.

Window & Door Repair or Replacement

Window and doors act as an important barrier to protect your home from the elements. Your windows provide a beautiful view of your backyard landscape, while your doors welcome your friends and neighbours into your home.

Window Replacement

Replacing your windows is one of the most energy efficient upgrades you can make to your home. If your windows have wooden frames, upgrading to vinyl windows will give you long lasting durability and will save you money on your energy bill.

Replacing windows may cost more than your budget allows, in which case adding window shutters, window blinds or window curtains, can make a significant impact on energy savings, as well as improve the beauty of your home.

Lastly, creating a custom bench for your window can provide you with a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of your window, and the extra storage below. Add plush cushions and you’ve got a new favourite nook to enjoy.

Window Repair

Have you noticed moisture between your windowpanes? If so, your window’s seal has broken and is in need of repair. Whether it is a broken seal, or a broken window, we have the know – how to repair your windows.

Door Replacement

Whether you’re looking to replace exterior doors, install shower doors, replace hardware on all your doors, or think French doors would look great between your kitchen and dining room, we can help you replace all your home’s doors.

Replacing your front entry door can give your home an entirely new feel, as well as increase your home’s curb appeal. There are many reasons to replace interior door as well. The difference between solid wood interior doors and hollow core interior doors is night and day. Solid wood interior doors provide insulation and soundproof rooms exponentially better than hollow core doors.

Door Repair

Perspective Renovations repairs both interior and exterior doors. Old exterior doors can allow water to enter your home and rot your flooring during a rainstorm. If your exterior door seals have failed, replacing them is a must.

View our Project Gallery for examples the quality work you will only find at Perspective Renovations, and contact us to request a free estimate for your next remodelling project.