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Pet Friendly Renovations

Renovating a pet-friendly home

My dog Jackie plays a big part in our family and as she gets older and keeps bumping into things, I can’t help but think of ways to make our home more pet-friendly.  So, if you are a pet owner and are thinking of renovating, here are some tips for renovating your home with your four-legged friends in mind.

Choose durable surfaces

For pet-occupied rooms, the best option is hard-surface flooring such as laminate flooring, stone or porcelain tile. These also have the added benefit of keeping your pets cooler during hot weather, an important consideration for pets with thick or long fur. Stone tiles; however, like marble, slate, and limestone are very porous and need to be sealed, so consider if you are willing to do the maintenance. Carpet stains hold dander and other allergens and are harder to keep clean.

You were thinking of hardwood floors? Keep in mind that hardwood scratches and dents more easily. You need to clean puddles right away to keep hardwood planks from staining or warping. Stay away from softer, easier-to-dent woods such as pine and fir.  If your heart is set on hardwood floors, opt for harder woods such as mahogany or oak and protect high traffic areas with rugs.

Pets, like kids, can do a number of things to damage walls. Cats may be tempted to scratch a textured wallpaper.  Instead, do all-over stencils and paint your walls in satin or semi-gloss finish paint.

Design pet zones and special spaces

Get the new kitchen you want but think of including your pets needs in your design. Keep bowls out of high traffic areas, by hiding them in a bottom drawer, incorporate a pet bed in the side of a banquette or under a window seat. Build a custom cat perch the same color as your room trim.

Create an entry way or mudroom that stops grime at the door. Choose flooring that’s impervious to dirt and easy to wipe clean. Include built-in cabinets to store pet supplies: apparel, treats and toys. Add hooks to keep leashes tangle-free.  Consider adding a pet washing station; an enclosed tiled area with a removable shower head to clean off muddy paws after playing outside.

Set up a play space for your pet where he can run around and have some quality “me” time when you are at work.  Keep his toys stored neatly away, but easily accessible.

Having a fenced area in your yard is a must, especially for an active dog. Make sure your pets have access to shade or shelter.

Our furry-friends certainly bring a lot of joy to our lives, so it only makes sense to design our homes with their needs in mind. By doing so, you not only ensure their enjoyment but also yours for years to come.

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