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Home Renovations 101: Our top 5 tips for a successful home remodeling!

As the people behind the scenes of hundreds of home renovation projects every year, we have seen it all. Ugly family feuds, desperate last minute vacations and unanticipated cancellations. In one study, 12% of Houzz survey respondents went so far to confess that their remodelling job led them to consider divorce!

During renovations and remodelling, it is inevitable that things are going to get messy, dirty and a bit chaotic. That does not mean that your life has too feel that way too. With a strong plan, patience and some flexibility, it is completely possible to not only survive, but enjoy (yep, we said it) the process of home renovations. Here is how:

1. Make A Plan

Start with the bigger picture items, like setting up a schedule and outlining the earliest and latest hours allowed for work. Plan to hire help where needed. DIY is great for smaller jobs, but for big overhauls, hire help now rather than emergency calling them mid-way through your project. Then dig into the nitty gritty details that with a little pre-planning will save you lots of work later. Simple strategies like buying covers for your furniture, get air filters or air purifying plants for your home and creating a safe reno-free zone in your house can be a game-changer.

2. Learn to Compromise

Letting go of some of your great expectations is imperative as the projects unfold. Compromising with your partner, your renovation contractor and your inner perfectionist will save you from the potential agony when things don’t go as planned.

3. Buy Earplugs

This simple but brilliant tip is especially useful if you plan to have early morning or late night work happening in your home or if you work from home. Wearing your earplugs during day-to-day tasks may feel strange at first but will save your sanity, and your eardrums in the end.

4. Plan a Staycation during the renovations

If you and your family have ever toyed with the idea of Airbnb, VRBO, cat-sitting for the neighbour of hoteling your own city, now is your time to enjoy all the hidden gems of your town or city without feeling guilty about it. Including this into your budget will save you from unexpected emergency vacations after your nerves are shot from the temporary home invasion.

5. Set a Budget and make room to break it

Starting off with a budget a bit higher than you anticipate can save you some undesirable financial surprises later. Beware of the temptation to casually ask your contractor to “do this while you are at it”, as those charges can add up and throw your budget off kilter. Start with a strong, solid budget and plan, with some wiggle room.

These five steps will not only help you survive your home renovation, but perhaps even enjoy the process. Who doesn’t want an excuse for a family staycation? Do you have more questions about how to survive your home renovations? Contact our team at Perspective Renovations today.

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