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Custom Cabinetry: Check Every Box

If you just can’t seem to find what you are looking for, custom cabinets may be the custom solution for you. There are three basic categories when it comes to cabinetry: stock, semi-custom and custom.

Stock are pre-built boxes that come in a variety of standard sizes. They can be ordered, delivered and installed rather quickly, but the customer is limited in the sizes and styles.

Semi-custom cabinets are not built until the order is received. The buyer can select a set of options such as custom front, depth and width, and matching interiors.

Custom cabinets are the most flexible, and personal option. The cost is also usually more, but you will get exactly what you want.

Make it beautiful

Whether you are looking for a specific style, colour, size, custom cabinetry offers a range of options personalized to meet your needs. If you can dream it, it can be made to your specifications.

  • Create an entertainment unit, so your television, sound system and gaming system are all integrated into the décor rather than a mess of wires.
  • Showcase your passions: books, family photos, prized collection. Build a custom bookcase and finish cubbies with decorative moulding and trim, to give that built-in look.
  • Play with the paint finish. Get that perfect shade of blue for that Pinterest-worthy kitchen.

Make it functional

From large to small spaces to a forgotten nook, you can unleash untapped potential by making smart design decisions.

  • Use the space under a stairwell for extra storage for winter coats, sports gear, or even a hidden pantry.
  • Take out the front closet. Add a bench, storage cubbies below and above, and get an instant mudroom.

There is no shortage of functional accessories to personalise your closet and help you organise, hang, store and display all your clothes. It will feel luxurious, and getting ready in the morning will be a cinch.

Make it clever

Try some of these ingenious ways to reclaim space you didn’t know you had.

  • Store pet food in pull-out bins in a lower cabinet
  • Add pull outs for laundry hampers
  • Cabinet to store a stationary ironing board, iron and other laundry room necessities
  • In a tall end cabinet incorporate a charging station, key hooks and a broom closet.
  • Take an appliance garage one step further by adding a pull-out shelf for your stand mixer.
  • Incorporate a dog bed into the side of the kitchen island
  • Store all your cleaning supplies with a pull-out system with integrated caddy.
  • A slide out knife on top with your cutting boards below.

With so much flexibility and possibilities, custom cabinetry and functional accessories within your reach, you can have it all. You’ll have a beautiful, functional and clever design. Let us show you how.

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