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5 Tips To Make Your Kitchen Remodeling Project a Success

Kitchen Remodeling: Sometimes, being forced to eat out can seem like a dream come true. You finally get a chance to test out your neighbourhood restaurants and enjoy some long overdue people watching while out for your morning coffee. Alas, the more you retreat to eating out, the less you will want to look at your bank account. Here are some tried and true tips for surviving your kitchen renovations.

1. Build your Temporary Kitchen

Create a back up “kitchen” nook anywhere else in the house – whether it is your garage or your living room- where you can prepare cold foods, pack lunches and sit around a new kind of kitchen table until your kitchen and all of its appliances are back up and running.

2. Create a new dishwashing station

Often overlooked during kitchen renovations is where you can wash and dry dishes. It is wise to consider planning to wash dishes in the bathtub, or the laundry sink, or even creating an outdoor dishwashing station with your hose. Bring your tea towels with you and your drying rack to create a dishwashing station that lets you clean up with peace.

3. Change up your cooking appliances

Pull that old crock pot out of the basement to continue cooking up delicious foods without all the fuss and dishes. Put away the blender and other messy appliances that are hard to clean and unnecessary and instead make great use of toaster ovens, electric skillets and hot plates.

4. Get Creative with Food Storage

Invest in a mini fridge or, if possible, relocate your fridge to another room where it is out of the work zone. Get creative with old apple boxes or milk crates and stack them on top of one another as a place to store dry foods in your temporary kitchen nook.

5. Stay Clean and Hydrated

If the water will be turned off, you are best to stock up on bottled water to keep everyone hydrated, especially with all the dust flying around. Be sure to make a plan for the best alternative places to shower and bath. Familiarize yourself with the shower amenities at your yoga studio, your gym or your best friends house.

Don’t let your kitchen renovations derail your diet or your family meal time. With these quick and creative solutions and strategies you and your family can actually enjoy your home and your meals despite the renovations happening all around you. Check out our portfolio at Perspective Renovations to see some of our amazing kitchen transformations.

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